Excursions in Mallorca for the students of the architecture school UFV of Madrid

Excursions in Mallorca for the students of the architecture school UFV of Madrid

On this trip visted stone quarries, a lime kiln, the houses of Jorn Utzon, the Lonja of Guillem Sagrera and another buildings and places.



PhD thesis defense

Defense of PhD thesis at the School of Architecture of Barcelona.

Thesis director: Josep Quetglas

Thesis codirector: Antonio Armesto

Scientific committee: Moises Gallego + Enrique Rabasa + Guillermo Zuaznabar + Alberto Peñín + David Tapias

Qualification: Sobresaliente Cum Lauden

A natural xerigarden

A natural xerigarden on the roofs in front of our windows starts to flourishing. It’s inspiring to see how few resources some plants need!  The invasive behavior of the succulent plants should not be forgotten though: Kalanchoe serrata with beautiful red flowers came from Madagascar. 

These days we have started planting the trees at Sa Tanca des Carritx!


30 Celtic australis and 12 Populus nigra will form a "green scarf" embracing the future house and protecting its inhabitants from the ruthless summer sun. In the winter, when the leaves fall off, the house will enjoy gentle winter sun while the long slim shades of the branches will draw graceful patterns all around. 

Follow Sa Tanca des Carritx project at: http://www.aulets.net/#/casa-sa-tanca-des-carritx/

Study of the vegetation within the Bunyolí manor (Majorca, Spain)

The present study contributes to the understanding of the vegetation around the Majorcan rural houses, a topic of a little research but of a huge importance for a coherent landscape design in Majorcan manors. The study was held in the Bunyolí manor in Establiments, Majorca. Our objective was to document and describe the vegetation on the entrance to the house, patio, garden, orchard and surrounding fields and to understand the role it was playing historically in the manor. Majorcan rural houses are one of the most important landscape and anthropological goods of the island and we consider their conservation as one of the most important tasks. 

Source: bunyoli

17ed. Taller vertical 2014. ESARQ-UIC

Visita de Obras Campos

Conferencia en la Escuela de Arquitectura UFV, Madrid.

La Lonja de Guillem Sagrera: del material a la ciudad.

Domus Mare Nostrum. Toulon, Francia.

Vogadors-architekturni veslaci, Galerija Dessa, Ljubljana


Ciclo de exposiciones JAE

Inaugurada en Madrid en 2008 con el patrocinio del Ministerio de Vivienda (actual Mº Fomento), la exposición JAE empezó en el año 2010 su periplo internacional con el patrocinio de la AECID (del Mº de Asuntos Exteriores) y ha sido inaugurada en Bruselas, Estocolmo, París, y Roma en Europa, Chicago, Washington, Dallas, Houston, Ithaca (Nueva York), Richmond (Virginia), Nueva York, College Station (Texas) y Miami en los EEUU, Ottawa y Toronto en Canadá y finalmente, con la colaboración de la Subdirección General de Promoción Exterior de la Cultura, del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, será inaugurada el 31 de Octubre en el Museo Soares Dos Reis de Oporto.


31st International architectural conference

II Congreso cerámica y arquitectura