Norsk Skogfinsk Museum , 2017

The goal of Norsk Skogfinsk Museum is to house under a single roof the great collections that document the history of the Norwegian national minority, the Skogfinner. Furthermore, the Norsk Skogfinsk Museum will be a fundamental tool to preserve, study and disseminate the history and culture of the Skogfinske forests.

"Markens Grode”’s goal is that people who visit the Museum experience for some time the world and the atmosphere of the Skogfinner's daily live. In order to engage with this experience, the container is as important as what goes into it. The content is the collection of objects, photos, books and archives that will be exhibited in the building. While the container is the whole site and the building in it. The Norsk Skogfinsk Museum is the convergence of these three parts: site, building and collection.

The collection is made up of objects to be showed and studied inside a showcase, protected from the environment and the public. On the other hand, the site and the building are places to feel Skogfinner’s world through all the senses. The site and the building materialise and upgrade the core elements from the local culture and history, transforming them into built matter.

Their culture is shown in two episodes of the daily life of this ethnic collective: work in the forest and domestic life. The farmers’ activity was the svedjebruk (slash-and-burn cultivation) in which we can highlight three periods: search in the forest, the svedjebruk and sowing the grain. The home life was placed in three different constructions: Røykstue, Røykbadstue and Rie.

“Markens Grode” proposal is based in this daily life, and builds on those constructions.


Client: Norsk Skogfinsk Museum

Location: Svullrya, Norway

Architecture: Aulets + Aixopluc

Architecture collaborator: Carlos Gonzalvo

Built aerea: -

Project date: 2017