Pere Garau Market



We maintain the longitudinal facades and the organization of the current market, with the interior movement that communicates the both sides squares. We extend the central pass, giving him the direction of the civic axis. The market becomes permeable in this circulation, offering the attractive show of the sale while walking. We bow the side walls by the direction that links the civic axis with the diagonal streets. The building ceases to be an obstacle in the travel urban, opening perspectives to the side squares.

The cover it’s repeated four times the structure of the current aisles, it’s extended covering partially the squares. Prepares the place of the exterior market, offering shade and protection from the rain.  In the ends , two volumes that touch the ground, one is the center of the access to the superior floor, where the civiccenter is  and the other contains the playground.

The exterior marked is organized following the direction of the diagonal streets and their circulations become link, with continuity, with the interiors of the market. Some cords subject to the extensions of the cover offer an easy support for awnings.  The parking would be the one  proposed in the  basis of the  competition and a ventilated centerwould communicate the market to an bridge goods receipt, located in the first basement.




Client: Ajuntament de Palma

Location: Palma, Mallorca

Architecture: Aulets + JAMLET (Elias Torres, Jose Antonio Martinez la Peña) + Carles Oliver + Francisco Pizà

Architecture collaborator: -

Structural engineer: -

Architectural Technologist: -

Prime constructor: -

Built aerea: 25.000 m2

Project date: 2009

Project complete: -

Total bugdet: -

Photography: Aulets