Restoration of Can Lis, Mallorca. 2011-2012

Jorn Utzon first arrives to Majorca in 1968 to visit some friends in the Migjorn area, two years after resigning from the direction of the Opera House project. He falls in love with the special light in the east of Majorca and will spend here 30 years of his life. Can Lis consists of four volumes and a roofless room. These five separate elements are integrated between the pines, letting pass the air, light and shadows. When Utzon arrives to Majorca the concrete blocks have already replaced the sandstone and the concrete beams were used during decades instead of imported timber.

The construction system of this house is typical of the barracks that used cheap materials and had no finishing. Utzon adored the sandstone because of its modular format. The typical piece used in Can Lis is a block of 80x40x20cm. The house’s base platform is made of Santanyi stone. The vertical plane, walls and pillars, are built with the sandstone blocks. The horizontal plane of the roof is made of prestressed concrete beams and slabs ceramics.

The Danish architect uses three materials but places them in different ways in the different modules unlike he does in Can Feliz, where he maintains the same building system all over the house.


Location: PortoPetro, Mallorca.

Architecture: Aulets +  Lise Juel (principal architect)

Architectural Technologist: Oscar Menendez

Collaborators: Macs Oliver, Alfons Romero

Client: The Utzon Foundation

Prime constructor: Pep Monserrat

Carpenter: Aleix Sunyer

Built aerea: 276 m2

Project date: 2011

Project complete: 2012

Photography:  Aulets