Image of the Aqua MODIS satellite. Day 2015/07/02 at 1:30 p.m. UTC. Surface temperature> 40 (yellow-orange color)

"Every man and every community has to find their own model based on climate, customs and materials. From the ecological viewpoint the “international” style has been a disaster for the whole planet, because it made that traditional systems that worked perfectly were abandoned ".  

Pietro Laureano

"The philosophy and know-how of the anonymous builders presents the largest untapped source of architectural inspiration for industrial man". 

Bernard Rudofsky

An “aulet” that can be traduced as a “small room”, is an enclosure formed by carob or oak trees in the unirrigated plots. They were planted on purpose or maintained from the preexisting forests in order that the cattle, sheeps or pigs could eat their fruits and graze in their shade.